Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Check our facts, challenge our process, help us improve accuracy

Last year, we added a simple but hopefully clear and visible statement of accountability to our readers and sources on The Register Citizen's website.
Our "Fact Check" form at the bottom of every story asked readers to tell us if they find an error in our reporting.
Earlier this year, we improved that program with a new form that gives readers the opportunity to expand those reports. It asks for ways that we could have improved the story, or other sources we should contact on the topic. It also gives readers an optional opportunity to provide their own contact information to be a source on the topic in the future.
We also added a clear, written corrections policy and corrections collected in one place on the web.
Today, we're filling in a key missing piece - a better mechanism for us to let you know what happens after you submit a "Fact Check" report.
We'll be using this blog to publicize corrections to stories, to explain, if possible, how we made a particular mistake and to give you a better window into our reporting process.
We will also take some Fact Check reports that we could not confirm or feel were not valid and explain how we came to that conclusion and chose not to make a correction.
If you have any questions about this process, we'd love to talk to you.
You can reach me, Matt DeRienzo, at mderienzo@journalregister.com; Editor Rick Thomason at rthomason@registercitizen.com; or Managing Editor Emily M. Olson at eolson@registercitizen.com.


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